Sim Racing

Simulators are to racing drivers what treadmills are to runners. It’s not quite the real thing… But you’re still running.

My Sim Racing Setup

I like to keep things simple and have primarily used a Playstation for my sim racing activities since I was a lad. I do plan on upgrading to a PC soon but for now this is what I use to drive each day.

The best belt-driven Force-Feedback base on the market. The T-GT exceeded my expectations which is why I have kept using it despite owning a Fanatec.

Sturdy chassis with a super comfortable adjustable Sparco race seat. The best Sim Rig I’ve ever owned and definitely upped my sim racing experience.

Comfortable headphones from Thrustmaster, good sound and convenient controls built into the headset. Highly recommended.

Custom built PC with AMD Ryzen chip and GeForce GTX 1660 graphics card. Took a while to get this PC but was worth the wait.

Since upgrading my mic to the Røde NT-USB I have seen an uptick in my YouTube views. Turns out people like crystal clear commentary.

I’ve owned every Playstation since version 1 and hope to own every version in the future. Primarily to play Gran Turismo Sport… 

Suggested Daily Routine

Having played on simulators for over 20 years I have developed my own personal program that I continue to adapt. Here’s what I recommend for drivers who are looking to benefit from using a Simulator at home:

90 Minute Session

Try to limit your daily sim sessions to a maximum of 120 minutes. Anything longer and you’ll find yourself doing mindless (and therefore useless) laps. My ideal daily stint is 90 minutes.

The first thing I do when I start my session is 5 flying up laps with the same car + track combination. For example I always use a Ferrari 458 GT3 around Suzuka on Medium tires. By starting with this routine I am immediately aware of my baseline performance for the day.

Once I’ve completed by 5 lap warm up I proceed to the Online Race lobbies and look for a race I enjoy however before I enter the race I do 15 minutes of practice (or qualifying) laps around the track to prepare. I never just dive into a race and start at the back of the grid because I have found that you end up spending your time crashing instead of learning.

With Qualifying Practice complete I head into the online races. Most of them on Gran Turismo are quick, 5 – 9 laps, and if you’ve done a decent qualifying lap you will be matched with drivers of a similar pace. The benefit of competing in 2 – 3 races is you will improve your racecraft that you can apply directly to your racing in real life.

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